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Decked Out Divination: An Intuitive Journey Through Tarot and Shamanic Wisdom

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Decked Out Divination is an immersive and transformative online program designed to guide you through the mystical realms of tarot and shamanic wisdom. This unique program integrates the ancient art of tarot reading with the powerful energies of the shamanic medicine wheel, providing a holistic path to self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment. Program Highlights: Comprehensive Tarot Exploration: Each session focuses on a different aspect of tarot, from the dynamic fire of the Wands in the South, exploring creativity and passion, to the deep waters of the Cups in the West, navigating emotions and connections. Journey through the grounded energy of the Pentacles in the North, embracing material and bodily wisdom, and the sharp clarity of the Swords in the East, cutting through illusion to reveal truth. The journey culminates with the Major Arcana, the soul's path to awakening. Shamanic Integration: Learn to harness the power of the shamanic medicine wheel to enhance your tarot readings. This integration provides a deeper understanding of the energies at play, helping you align with the natural flow of the universe. Intuitive Development: Awaken your intuition and enhance your decision-making abilities. The program includes guided exercises to help you connect with your spirit guides, discover your power animal, and read auric fields. Holistic Healing: Embrace emotional and spiritual healing through practices designed to release old patterns and foster personal growth. This program emphasizes the importance of introspection, transformation, and aligning with your true self. Supportive Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Participate in reflections, guided meditations, and discussions to deepen your understanding and share your experiences. Practical Applications: The program offers practical exercises and rituals to integrate the teachings into your daily life. From mindfulness practices to energy healin

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decked out divination

decked out divination

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