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frequently asked questions

What is shamanism and how does it relate to your work?

Shamanism, to me, is all about connecting with the deeper rhythms of the earth, tapping into the wisdom of our ancestors, and embracing the healing powers of the universe. It's an ancient practice that feels like coming home to your soul. I weave shamanic practices into our sessions to help you find your balance, get in tune with your inner magic, and reclaim your power. It's about creating a bridge between you and the spirit world, so you can walk through life with more clarity, purpose, and connection to all that is. This ancient wisdom is a big part of how I serve you - it's about getting real and getting back to what your spirit truly needs to thrive.

What can Ang do for you?

This is my hearts work. It's more than my current profession- it's a service of receiving light channeled from my soul to yours. It is the way I shine my own light on this earth. Through the intuitive arts of tarot, astrology, human design, and shamanic wisdom, I serve as a channel to guide you back to your own inner wisdom and strength. It's my mission to be the lantern on your path, illuminating the way through dark times toward healing and self-realization. Whether we connect across the digital waves of Zoom or TikTok Livestream or in the vibrant energy of your personal gatherings, each session is a sacred space for growth, transformation and some laughs. I am here to serve you on this journey to self-empowerment, evert step of the wat.

Is Ang affiliated with any particular religion or belief system?

While Ang was raised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) by her Norwegian mother and personally believes in God, our services are open to individuals of all belief systems. I aim to help clients tap into their intuition and connect with spirit in a way that is meaningful and authentic to them. My practice is rooted in deep reverence for all spiritual paths. My daily study of the Bible and all historical spiritual texts inform a practice that's as grounded as it is lofty, honoring God, Source, Mother Earth, Light, the Buddha, Allah - all expressions of the divine. I'm about real, authentic connection, not just the "woo-woo" or righteous religious talk. It is my calling to resist the shadows, fill up with light, and help you do the same. It's about rolling up our sleeves and integrating our shadows through inner work, filling up with light so we can shine brightly together. I am here to help guide you regardless of religious beliefs back ro your own divine spark, in the most down-to earth way possible.

Can Ang help me with my spiritual development?

Absolutely, it can. Not only am I here to guide you using divination to help you remember your life’s purpose, but I also provide the tools you need to continue healing yourself, as we were all meant to do. I’ll walk with you on this journey, teaching you how to meet your spirit team, which includes spirit guides, ancestral helpers, gods, goddesses, angels, guardian angels, your higher self, ascended masters, beings of light, and power animals. Once you’re familiar with your team and learn how to journey to the lower and upper worlds, you’ll be able to communicate with the spirit world on your own. And if this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry—I can start by teaching you how to develop and trust your own psychic gifts. And I can be a non-judgmental teacher for you to bounce things off of as you remember who you are.

What makes Ang unique? 

What makes working with me unique is my holistic and deeply personalized approach, grounded in a diverse educational background. I don’t just read the Bible—I also study other religions. My aim is to hear all sides so that I can be an educated teacher, guiding you to find your center with integrity and depth. Beyond diverse spiritual teachings, I excel in helping you connect with your own ancestral spirit team, enabling you to reclaim traditions lost through generational wounds. This connection to our roots is vital, and I emphasize embracing your ancestral traditions and the land they hailed from, rather than appropriating the practices of indigenous American peoples just because we reside here. With this comprehensive and respectful approach, I guide you through meaningful spiritual development, tapping into a rich tapestry of cultural wisdom, helping you to build a lasting connection with your spiritual lineage and the land.

Can this help me with my mental health concerns?

While I can be a valuable part of your journey towards greater self-awareness and spiritual balance, it’s important to remember that I’m not a licensed mental health professional. My services can complement traditional mental health care (especially EMDR and/or other trauma informed modalities) by providing spiritual support and offering tools for personal growth and emotional healing. It’s worth noting that people have been turning to spirituality and religion for thousands of years as a source of comfort and understanding, long before formalized, government-sanctioned therapy existed. However, for clinical mental health concerns, it’s crucial to also consult with a qualified healthcare provider who can offer the appropriate treatments and interventions. I’m here to support your spiritual and personal development, which can enrich your overall well-being alongside professional mental health care.

Who did Ang study shamanism under?

I began walking the shamanic path under the guidance of Amy Wilinski at Golden Light Healing. Her teachings laid the foundation for my practice, and I deepened my understanding at master’s retreats led by one of her mentors, Jose Luis Herrera, a Master Shaman from the Jaguar Institute of Cusco, Peru.


Now, I’m exploring the roots of my own lineage, learning from the Italian medicine women who are part of my ancestry. This exploration is guided by my spirit team, with whom I communicate directly to uncover and revive these ancestral practices. Additionally, I am currently dedicating myself to rereading ancient religious texts with a critical eye, while also studying the darker forces that exist in our world. This comprehensive approach helps me to provide a balanced and informed perspective in my practice, ensuring I can offer guidance that is both deeply rooted in tradition and relevant to contemporary spiritual needs.

What if I just want a psychic reading but don't want healing advice or to find my gifts?

Absolutely, if you’re just looking for a psychic reading without any healing advice or exploration of spiritual gifts, I’m here to provide just that. I focus solely on offering insights through psychic tools like tarot cards, based purely on your current life questions and areas of interest. It’s important to note that I do not engage in spell work or sorcery, nor do I provide instructions on forcing outcomes. I am committed to ethical practices and will always discuss the potential karmic impacts of any spiritual actions. My aim is to ensure you receive the guidance you need while upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect for natural spiritual laws.

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