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In- Person Gatherings

Hey There, Ready for Something Special in Your Hometown?

I’m not just about hanging out—I’m about bringing something extra to your events with a spiritual twist! Whether it’s tarot readings, deep healing sessions, or a full moon celebration, I’m here to add that magical touch. Ready to make your gathering unforgettable with a bit of insight and a lot of spirit? Let’s make it happen, right in your own backyard!

I’ve brought traveled to places like Green Bay, Appleton, the Fox Valley, Door County, and Milwaukee in Wisconsin; not to mention Sedona and Phoenix in Arizona, as well as San Francisco, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe in California. Always excited to explore new places, I love connecting with the land spirits wherever I go.

Contact me in the chat feature on this site to talk out what you are envisioning.

Private Event Bookings

Hire me for your special occasions:

Whether it’s ringing in the new year, celebrating with your girls, reuniting with old friends, or sending off a bride-to-be, I bring a unique flair to your private events. My presence adds an insightful and fun dimension to your gatherings.

Flexible Booking Options:
  1. Hourly Rate: Book me at a standard rate of $151 an hour for structured, continuous readings throughout your event. This option is perfect if you want everyone to have a chance to engage with the spiritual side without the pressure of individual payments.

  2.  Pay Per Reading: Prefer a more casual setup? Let your guests choose to receive and pay directly for personal readings directly with me during the event. It’s laid-back, interactive, and adds an element of mystical fun to your celebration. 


A Promise from Me to You: At more spirited gatherings, I work closely with the guides to ensure the readings maintain a positive tone. My goal is to uplift and enlighten, never to overshadow the joy of your event with heavy revelations. This way, everyone leaves with a smile, maybe a little more wisdom, but definitely no tears unless they’re from laughter!

Image by Ann Danilina

Destination Gatherings

Bring the spiritual journey to your doorstep: No matter where you live, I can bring my healing and guidance to you. Ideal for those who want a more intensive session without the hassle of travel, or for anyone looking to add a unique, spiritual touch to their local gathering without the party vibe.

Group Sessions and Workshops:

  • Deep Healing Sessions: Require a minimum of two participants. These sessions are designed to delve into significant healing, ideal for those ready to make profound changes or explore deeper spiritual connections.

  • Tarot Gatherings: Perfect for a relaxed yet enlightening experience with friends. Combine fun with spiritual growth as we explore the cards and their meanings together.

  • Full Moon Ceremonies and Guided Meditations: Harness the power of the lunar cycle or meditate under the stars. These gatherings are excellent for aligning with cosmic energies and finding inner peace.

  • Spirit Guide Introductions: Ever wondered about your spirit guides? I can lead a workshop to help you and your group meet and understand your spirit guides, enhancing your spiritual support network.


A Past Life Connection: These gatherings are not just about having fun; they’re about reconnecting. If you’ve ever felt a deep bond with your friends or family, suggesting a shared past life, these sessions can offer enlightening insights and a deeper understanding of your relationships.

Travel Note: I love bringing my services to new places and am flexible depending on location. Let’s discuss how we can make a spiritual gathering happen in your hometown!

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