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It’s Taurus Season B*%$hes! 😎

So, Taurus season kicks off on April 20, and I’m not gonna lie—it’s totally my favorite. My favorite ex is a Taurus Sun and Moon, and every time I mention how hot and kind he was, my friends practically stage an intervention. But beyond my questionable taste in men, there’s a lot more to look forward to. Let’s dive into why this Taurus season is your golden ticket to embracing the #softlife—no hard wig necessary—and why it’s also the perfect time to balance out that karmic ledger. Get ready, because we’re about to make this season as comfy as your favorite lounge set, but with way more style.

Before we dive into Taurus season, I need to share a bit about what’s going on with me. I’m currently experiencing some hopefully temporary hearing loss, which has made it quite tough to talk, especially at my usual energetic pitch. It’s a strange twist for someone who’s typically not at a loss for words! This setback has also made me pause my TikTok live sessions and reschedule our one-on-one readings. Why? Because divination isn’t just about interpreting signs—it’s deeply influenced by our own state of being.

Many of you, my fellow psychics, understand the responsibility we hold when reading for others. It’s crucial to recognize that doing readings when we’re unwell can skew our perceptions. When we’re sick, it’s normal to feel fear or pain, emotions that can unintentionally color the guidance we provide. Reading in such a state isn’t fair to the people seeking our insight. Despite the financial implications, I’ve chosen to step back because integrity in our work is paramount. I’m trusting that by doing the right thing, I’ll be taken care of—and I encourage you all to prioritize ethical practices in your own divinatory work.

And hey, who’s to say my career path isn’t supposed to veer towards writing? Maybe this whole situation is the universe nudging me towards becoming the next Pulitzer Prize winner. Are those even awarded for writing? Honestly, I’m not sure, but let’s not get hung up on the details. Let’s dive into what Taurus season has in store for us, shall we?

Right out of the gate, we’re greeted with a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20th. This rare meetup between the planet of expansion (Jupiter) and the planet of surprises (Uranus) isn’t just any cosmic event. It’s an invitation to revolutionize our approach to money and value. It’s the universe’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s find new and unexpected ways to boost your income by simply embracing your authenticity.” This isn’t about grinding it out—this is Taurus season, a time for making money by living beautifully, indulging in your comforts, and aligning with your true worth.

But let’s take a moment to talk about karma—because every decision we make, especially those that betray our true selves in an attempt to please others, racks up a karmic debt. If you’ve noticed that every retrograde and major astrological event, particularly those involving Uranus, seems to throw curveballs your way, it might be time to reassess your choices.

Here’s a hint: if things are not going well when Uranus is involved, you’re probably being an ass.

Let me share a tale about my bestie—she might not be thrilled I’m spilling the beans, but the lesson is too crucial to omit. She knew she needed to cut ties with someone, no questions asked. But rather than being straightforward, she planned to sprinkle in a white lie. When she ran her plan by me, I couldn’t help but warn her, “You might not want the karmic backlash from that. Just be honest and direct.” She shrugged it off, opting to handle any karmic consequences later—a gamble many of us might recognize in our own lives. Yet, during these powerful Uranus conjunctions, and frankly, every day since I walk a shamanic path as a Libra, I find myself urging a rethink on such decisions. Embrace honesty, even when it’s tough; it’s essential to maintain a clean spiritual ledger.

As we navigate this season, remember that releasing what no longer serves us isn’t just about freeing up closet space for new blessings; it’s crucial for sweeping out those dusty corners of our karmic paths. Trust me, the good stuff can’t squeeze in if your life’s cluttered with last season’s junk. Every conscious choice you make for your wellbeing carves a clearer, smoother road ahead. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rd is about to turn up the lights on these themes, revealing truths and demanding you ditch the dead weight. It’s a potent time for a serious life audit. Whatever or whoever you’re still secretly—or not-so-secretly—obsessed with will stick out like a sore thumb during this full moon period from April 21st to 25th. So, consider this your cosmic heads-up: trim the excess now, or it might just trim you.

Hold on to your hats, folks, because on April 25, 2024, at 7:54 AM CST, Mercury is finally flipping the switch to direct at 15°58’ Aries. Yes, that’s right—our favorite little messenger planet is done playing games and ready to run straight again. After what felt like endless weeks of miscommunications, tech mishaps, and travel snafus, Mercury direct in fiery Aries is like hitting the refresh button on your browser just as it starts to freeze—oh, the relief!

When Mercury moves forward in Aries, it’s not just about clearing up the confusion; it’s about taking bold, assertive steps in communication. Think of it as your green light to start those projects that have been on hold, say what’s been on your mind with a bit of that Aries fire, and make decisions that you’ve been second-guessing during the retrograde. It’s time to initiate conversations with confidence and maybe even a little daring—because if not now, when?

But let’s not throw all caution to the wind just yet—Mercury’s shadow period lingers until May 13 at noon. This means while the most direct confusion might be clearing up, some of the haze is still hanging around

Oh, you thought that was it? How cute. No, we have four more transits to discuss this month. Mark your calendars for a celestial meet-up on April 28, 2024, at 9:31 pm PT, when Mars and Neptune conjunct at 28°52’ Pisces. This conjunction is your ticket to a surreal experience where the warrior planet Mars swaps his armor for a smock and palette, thanks to Neptune’s influence—the ultimate dreamer of the zodiac. Imagine this: Mars, known for his drive and fight, decides to take a day off from the battlefield to join Neptune in the art studio. Together, they’re about to blur the lines between action and fantasy, which might inspire you to create your masterpiece or lead you down a path filled with illusions.

Picture Mars, our usual action hero, trading his sword for a paintbrush under Neptune’s ethereal spell. This isn’t your average astrological event—it’s like a fantasy genre switch mid-season! Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune is your cosmic cue to channel your inner mystical artist. Think less warrior, more wizard. Ever fancied crafting your own Oracle deck? Or spinning some healing frequencies on YouTube that hit deeper than a late-night heart-to-heart? What about hosting paint and sip classes where the drinks help manifest more than just a hangover? Or designing a spiritual planner that not only keeps track of your meetings but also the moon phases?

With Mars stirring Neptune’s whimsical pot, you’re not just making art; you’re making art that might accidentally summon a spirit guide. Dive into this ethereal vibe and merge creativity with spirituality. Just remember, with Pisces in play, it’s easy to get a little too lost in the sauce. Ground your flights of fancy with a dash of reality checks—Pisces can turn your GPS to ‘spiritual,’ and we all know how vague that can get!

Up next, we have a New Moon on May 7, 2024, at 10:22 pm CST, landing at 18°01’ Taurus. This New Moon offers us a canvas for fresh starts, particularly in areas that Taurus adores, like finances, material possessions, and personal values. It’s a prime time to set intentions for stability, growth, and the kind of sensory enjoyment that would make a Taurus moon swoon. Speaking of which, I always say Taurus moons are like the old man in the Disney movie Up—they’re the type to sit on a park bench, holding hands, and fondly whispering, “Remember when…”

If there were any revelations during the Full Moon two weeks prior, or anything you didn’t manage to address, this New Moon is your chance to reset your course. Think about those lessons you picked up during the Mercury retrograde—now is the perfect moment to assess your karmic debt and realign your life’s compass. Whether it’s adjusting your budget, reassessing your possessions, or reevaluating your values, now’s the time to plant those seeds for a future that’s as stable and fulfilling as a Taurus dreaming of their next gourmet meal.

Here’s a little personal insight: My life is actually really beautiful, though it hasn’t always been a walk in the park. It’s been full of leaps of faith, some more like bungee jumps without looking. But after some recent travels, I’ve realized that I’ve built something truly peaceful for myself amidst the chaos. This New Moon in Taurus is your perfect moment to start crafting that kind of peace and prosperity for yourself if you haven’t yet. It’s about laying the foundation to live the life you’ve always wanted, one slow, steady step at a time. If I can do it literally anyone can.

On May 18, 2024, at 11:45 am PT, a celestial spectacle unfolds as Jupiter cozies up super close to the Sun at 28°18 Taurus. This isn’t just any cosmic rendezvous; it’s what astrologers call a “Cazimi” — a moment when Jupiter is in the heart of the Sun. In astro-speak, this is like getting a turbo boost from the cosmos, with Jupiter not only in the spotlight but getting an all-systems-go from the Sun’s powerful energy.

During a Cazimi, a planet is believed to be endowed with a special strength, a kind of divine protection from the overwhelming blaze of the Sun. It’s as if Jupiter has a brief meeting with the CEO (that’s the Sun, by the way) and comes out with a golden ticket. For us earthlings, this translates to a period where growth, luck, and expansion aren’t just possible—they’re supercharged.

In the practical and plush sign of Taurus, this Jupiter Cazimi might feel like all your luxury dreams could suddenly click into place. Want to grow your assets, amplify your comfort, or boost your resilience? This is the time to set those high-stake intentions. Think of it as your astrological window for setting ambitious goals that not only reach for the sky but possibly go beyond it. It’s a day for big dreams and even bigger actions, all blessed by the biggest and most benefic planet getting a VIP treatment from the Sun.

On May 19, 2024, at 8:58 pm PT, Mars and the North Node cozy up at 14°56’ in Aries, and let me tell you, it’s like the universe is handing out energy drinks. Mars, our go-getter planet, teams up with the North Node, which you can think of as the cosmic GPS pointing us towards our life goals. This isn’t just any old meetup; it’s like Mars is getting a major pep talk from the destiny department.

So, what’s the North Node again? Imagine it as the “You Are Here” sticker on the map of your life, showing you the path to your highest potential. It’s not a planet but a point that pulls us toward growth and sometimes kicks us out of our comfort zones.

And why should you care about Mars getting all buddy-buddy with it in Aries? Because Aries doesn’t just start things—it fires them out of a cannon. This conjunction screams, “Let’s do this!” inspiring us to take bold, sometimes impulsive, actions towards our destiny. It’s the universe’s way of saying, “Hey, you! Yes, you! It’s time to be brave, chase those dreams and maybe even start something new that scares you a little.”

This is prime time for initiating projects that demand courage and a bit of that daredevil spirit. Ever wanted to start your own business, jump out of a plane (with a parachute, hopefully), or simply stand up in that meeting and speak your mind? Now’s when those activities get the cosmic green light.

In short, Mars conjunct the North Node in Aries is your astrological espresso shot. It’s about making significant moves that align with where you’re supposed to be heading. So, lace up those sneakers you’ve got for running headfirst into challenges and make some bold leaps. Just remember, Aries might forget to look before leaping, so a tiny bit of caution won’t hurt!

As we wrap up Taurus season 2024, it’s clear that the astrological climate has been more charged up than a phone on a 5% battery panic. This season has been packed with opportunities for change, creative flourishes, and deep spiritual dives—not to mention a hefty dose of personal growth and security checks. The transits we’ve experienced brought a smorgasbord of transformative energy and fresh starts, setting the stage for some major breakthroughs in both our personal and financial lives.

So, let’s get real for a second—if you haven’t aligned your financial ducks this month, when will you? Seriously, what’s the hold-up? What’s keeping you from reaching for that financial freedom or starting that dream project? Why let anything stop you?

Ask yourself: What am I willing to let die so I can truly live?

Reflect on the themes that resurfaced this retrograde and were spotlighted by that illuminating first Full Moon. Which pieces of your old self are ready to be retired?

Think of this season as your cosmic nudge (or shove) to clean house—whether that means bidding farewell to outdated dreams, ditching those dusty fears, or finally letting go of habits that hold you back. It’s time to make room for the new, the now, and the next. So grab your spiritual broom and start sweeping, because the stars are aligned to help you clear the path to your best life. So I’ll ask it once more. What will you let die so that you can truly live?👀

And if you need a wallpaper to remind you… I got you.

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