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pisces season transits

Feb 18 . 10:13 am CST . Sun enters Pisces

Let's rekindle our love for ourselves during this Pisces season. Allow yourself to cry if needed, releasing emotions and using your experiences to set healthy boundaries as an act of self-love. Seek inner peace, love, and acceptance for your own body. Embrace who you are without any shame. Remember, while happiness can come from relationships, your true sanctuary is within yourself, feeling most secure in your own solitude. Love has the power to heal. With Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Aquarius, the mix of Pisces and Aquarius energy encourages you to embrace your wild, beautiful, free-spirited nature. Embrace your cool, dreamy, and emotionally unpredictable self, as that uniqueness is what draws others to you. Everyone has their own world; cherish yours and appreciate those who welcome you into theirs.

Feb 23 . 1:29 am CST . Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury illustrates how we perceive, interpret information, and express ourselves. Pisces energy is imaginative, yet it encourages turning dreams into reality through effort. This period will heighten your sensitivity. Instead of reacting negatively, consider the benefits it may bring. It's an opportune moment to review your future aspirations across all aspects of your life. Your intuition may be sharper now, so embrace Pisces' compassion in your thinking to progress humbly knowing your desires are manifesting. However, be cautious not to lose touch with reality to avoid self-sabotage. Stay grounded, avoid procrastination, and maintain discernment. Should you feel overly sensitive or victimized, shift your focus to gratitude and inner peace.

Feb 24 . 6:30 am CST . Full Moon in Virgo

This is the final full moon of the astrological moon and the final full moon before eclipse season. Learn and get your shit together this week. During this full moon, there will be opposition from Mercury and Saturn. You can choose to be self-critical and dwell on past mistakes or opt to focus on self-improvement. Stay composed and gain clarity under the full moon's light to let go of the past and prepare for the future with flexibility. Without intentional planning, life can take control. Additionally, this full moon will form a favorable aspect with Jupiter, bringing unexpected blessings. Forgiveness, guidance, and inspiration are powerful sources of healing. Allow life to teach you. Learn and get your shit together this week. This moon is really going to reward those of you who have been putting in the work. The Virgo moon reminds us that all of these little daily habits get us to our delulu dreamy big vision for the future during this Pisces season. Solve problems. Have serious conversations. Support and be supported. You should find balance between your intuition and pragmatism today. Decisions are easier.

Mar 9 . 10:03 pm CST . Mercury enters Aries

It seems like Mercury's move into Aries just before the sun joins in is preparing us for a significant shift or a call to action. While Mercury was in Pisces, your thoughts might have been more dreamy, but now it's a time for innovation. Spring is an ideal time for refreshing not only your physical surroundings but also your ideas. Hopefully, you've already put in the work and reflected over the past few months, creating space and sowing the seeds for your plans to blossom into fully developed concepts. Embrace this period and don't hesitate to take action.

Mar 10 . 4:00 am CST . New Moon in Pisces

If the moon and sun are both in Pisces and you don’t cry are you really even alive? .This upcoming New Moon in Pisces will coincide with Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign, amplifying the Piscean energy. Expect a time filled with magic, emotions, and chances to deepen your spiritual journey. As the final new moon of the astrological year, it's an ideal moment for a ceremonial gathering around a fire. This celestial alignment urges us to rekindle our spiritual connection and emphasizes the importance of embracing closures for fresh beginnings – much like the symbolism of the death card in tarot.

Mar 11 . 4:50 pm CST . Venus enters Pisces

Pisces perceives the world in a spectrum of colors, not just black and white. With the goddess of love in Pisces, love becomes all-encompassing, fostering forgiveness, understanding, seductiveness, and compassion within relationships. Venus in Pisces embodies tenderness and affection, yet it remains elusive due to an undefined longing and difficult-to-satisfy desires. Boundaries become hazy under this placement, and there is a risk of being deceived by idealized perceptions. It is crucial to be wary of falling for illusions and avoidant behaviors. Venus finds its exaltation in Pisces, thriving in this sign with its devoted, compassionate, and self-sacrificing nature. Intuition plays a significant role in financial and romantic decisions during this phase, guiding us towards unconventional, artistic, and inspiring experiences and connections.

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