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60-minute In-Depth Empowerment Session

Like 3 years of therapy in one hour

  • 1 h
  • 151.51 US dollars
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Welcome to your 60-minute In-Depth Empowerment Session with me, Ang, your dedicated spiritual concierge. Designed for those who seek comprehensive guidance and transformative insights, this session offers the time we need to thoroughly explore the various facets of your life. Here’s what we can cover in our session together: • Astrology Insights: Delve deep into your astrological chart to uncover how celestial alignments influence your personal and professional life. • Tarot Guidance: Engage in a detailed tarot reading that provides profound insights into your current situations and future possibilities. • Human Design Analysis: Explore your unique design in detail to understand how to align your actions with your true nature for smoother life transitions. • Shamanic Wisdom: Connect deeply with ancestral guidance or partake in a shamanic journey to gain clarity and healing. This 60-minute session is ideal if you’re looking to explore deeper aspects of your spiritual and practical life, need extensive guidance, or are facing complex decisions. With more time to dive into each practice, you can receive a more detailed and holistic understanding of your path. I am here to facilitate your journey towards clarity and empowerment, ensuring you leave our session ready to embrace your potential fully.

Cancellation Policy

I Agree to participate in this Healing Session or divination reading with no guarantee of any specific outcomes. I agree that I must pay for my session in order to book and that if I cancel my session less than 4 hours ahead there will be no refunds. I agree that if I forget, or do not show up for my healing session there will be no refund of any kind. I agree to hold harmless hot girl healing and Angela Curro, as well as for any disruption of internet service during the session if your session is online.

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