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Full Moon Fire Ceremony

using the path of fire for healing to release what no longer serves us

  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Join us for a powerful Full Moon Reflection and Release Ceremony via Zoom, where we will harness the peak energy of the lunar cycle to reflect on our intentions and release what no longer serves us. This ceremony blends ancient Peruvian shamanic practices with astrological guidance to facilitate deep healing and transformation. What to Expect: • Introduction: Understand the significance of the Full Moon and its astrological influence on our emotions and lives. • Grounding and Centering: Participate in a guided meditation to connect with your inner self and the present moment. • Astrological Insights: Learn about the current Full Moon’s astrological aspects and how they highlight areas for reflection and release. • Reflection: Review the intentions set during the New Moon and assess your progress, celebrating achievements and acknowledging challenges. • Release Ritual: Engage in a shamanic fire ceremony to release old patterns, negative energies, and anything that hinders your growth. Safely burn a list of what you wish to release or visualize offering it to the fire. • Closing Ritual: End the session with a gratitude practice and a final blessing, sealing the ceremony’s healing energy. • Personalized Readings: Optional personalized astrology or tarot readings are available on the day of the ceremony to help you gain deeper insights and clarity on what to focus on. Materials Needed: • A candle and matches/lighter • Herbs or incense (optional) • Paper and pen for reflection and release • A quiet, sacred space where you won’t be disturbed Embrace the transformative power of the Full Moon to cleanse and renew your spirit. This free ceremony is open to all and designed to create a supportive, spiritually rich community.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

I Agree to participate in this Healing Session or divination reading with no guarantee of any specific outcomes. I agree that I must pay for my session in order to book and that if I cancel my session less than 4 hours ahead there will be no refunds. I agree that if I forget, or do not show up for my healing session there will be no refund of any kind. I agree to hold harmless hot girl healing and Angela Curro, as well as for any disruption of internet service during the session if your session is online.

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