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Peruvian Despacho Ceremony

establishing new patterns of relationship and possibility through offering and prayer

  • 1 hour
  • From 66.66 US dollars
  • LUX Spa De Pere

Service Description

The term Despacho refers to the act of making an offering. The despacho is a gift - a giving back of what we receive every day in our lives. We seek, through the Despacho ceremony, to bridge the Ordinary and Non-Ordinary realms placing us in right relationship, right balance with mother earth. It establishes a linkage between our physical reality, our personal source of power or love (heart and/or solar plexus) and our psychic gifts (third eye). types of despachos: - Land Spirit Despachos: An offering thanks to the spirit of your land and an invocation for its blessings done on site at your location and buried or burned as offering. - Water Spirit Despachos: An offering to honor the spirit of those places which are very important in your lives placed in a nearby lake, river or lagoon. - Relationship Despachos: The intent is to bring balance in our lives and right relationship betwen or secular and sacred worlds.

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